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What People Are Saying

I am sure you have heard this before, but I really am Queen City’s biggest fan. As a baker and connoisseur of only the finest foods, I can tell you without hyperbole that Queen City products are the best I have ever tasted.

Daryl L. Johnson
Associated Press
New York, New York

Thank you, it was really, really good this morning, and not to be pretentious but I am a foodie, lived in it all my life with my dad and husband being Chefs... Your desserts are excellent!

Marie-Cecile Pradeau-Valeruz, Director of Event Planning
Marriott Hotel
Perimeter Center, Atlanta

I have been in the food brokerage business for 28 years and represented numerous companies… but I have NEVER represented a company with higher quality products and nicer people than I do today with Queen City Pastry. Anwar and Angie’s story needs to be told to every small business owner in America… quality breeds success.

Phil McLain
Paramount Marketing Group
Charlotte, NC

In working all over the world as an executive chef and now as a distributor, Queen City Pastry by far has not only the best tasting desserts, but also the most visually appealing and performing desserts available today.

Jean-Pierre Blouin, Owner
Delray Beach, FL

It is hard to find a vendor with delicious and high quality products, and the best customer service who you can count on all the time. I found that vendor…. Queen City Pastry. I always can rely on Anwar, Angie, Jeannine, and the rest of the crew anytime and every time. When I need a last minute dessert, they always come through for me. After more than 10 years of working together, they became a part of my family at Dean & DeLuca. Thank you guys, you are the best!

Laleh Dalili, Bakery & Pastry Manager
Dean& DeLuca Phillips Place
Charlotte Market

The Convention Center has been using Queen City Pastry for 14 years now, and their quality and service is always excellent. Queen City Pastry has the ability to create desserts to our own specifications or we can order from their outstanding product line. Their desserts are always on target for our clients.

Bill Cahill, Executive Chef
Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC

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